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Hi there! My name is Gert Reinberg, and I am a passionate advocate for well-being. I have dedicated myself to helping others achieve harmony in their lives through breathwork, movement and, holistic balance. With over 20 years of experience in practicing movement and exploring various health practices, I have successfully combined the best practices from movement, biohacking, and fluidUs to create an all-encompassing lifestyle approach. At the core of this powerful foundation is breathwork, particularly Facilitated Breath Repatterning (FBR), which has profoundly influenced all aspects of my life. 

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Facilitated Breath Repatterning is a non-mind-based practice that enables shifts in the nervous system: providing space for emotions, increasing energy and physical well-being. Also enhancing mental clarity and focus, emotional resilience and capacity, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and others.


 1:1 or group sessions available.



In my exploration of movement, I've learned that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to move. I have practiced and learned various movement disciplines for almost two decades. I now will share my knowledge, advice, and customized programs tailored to your needs and goals. 


 1:1, group and online sessions available.



With years of development in the fields of health, movement, and biohacking. I share my knowledge, advice, and programs based on my experiences and tailored to your needs and goals. My areas of expertise include nutrition, movement, biohacking, breathing techniques, exercises for men and much more.


1:1 or online sessions available.



Within us, there is so much that is interconnected. It serves as a doorway to connecting with oneself. Internal rivers open up, giving rise to an internal dance. It's the elixir of youth, a deep magical presence. I support you through various practices to help you feel yourself more freely, deeply, and authentically.


1:1 or online sessions available.



Juhani Särglep

Independent Filmmake& Entrepreneur

I've experienced breathwork sessions with Gert several times and every time it has been amazing. During my last session, I felt super relaxed, and it helped me in so many ways.


During my training sessions, I noticed that my lung function had improved a lot. Plus, I found it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, which was a big deal for me. I also didn't realize how much stress I was carrying around in my body until Gert helped me let go of it. His guidance during breathwork sessions have been professional and trustworthy.


Gert is really caring and knows how to guide you during the session.


I'm excited for my next session already!"



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"How your life feels is by far more important than how it looks."

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