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Hello! My name is Gert, and I am a passionate advocate for well-being, with a special emphasis on the transformative power of breath. As a devoted practitioner of movement, breathing, biohacking and holistic balance, I have dedicated myself to helping others achieve harmony in their lives.


Over the past 20 years, I have gained experience in practicing movement and exploring various health practices. I have successfully combined the best practices from movement, biohacking, and fluidUs techniques to create an all-encompassing lifestyle approach. At the core of this powerful foundation is breathwork, which has profoundly influenced all aspects of my life (emotionally-spiritually-physically-mentally).


Breathwork, particularly Facilitated Breath Repatterning (FBR), has captivated me with its capacity to deepen the embodiment of emotional intelligence, resilience, and harmony. By connecting with the functionality of the three major diaphragms, FBR fosters emotional stability and a heightened sense of self. This powerful practice also supports nervous system regulation.


I have personally witnessed the profound effects of FBR in releasing emotions, letting go of tensions, and fostering clarity, both in myself and in the beautiful souls I've had the pleasure to guide. By honoring our bodies and integrating these practices, we can experience grounded presence.


In addition to breathwork, I have also learned to release and unblock bodily tensions through lymphatic systems, touch and movement. In my personal life, I find joy and grounding in activities such as surfing and playing padel, while valuing fun, connection, and creativity through clothing.


Having experienced my own journey of personal transformation and healing, I am now committed to sharing the power of breath and other complementary practices with the world, supporting others on their path to wellness. 


  • Mystic Rose

OSHO International Meditation Resort in India, Pune

 January of 2018

  • FBR Facilitator Training 400h (Edward Dangerfield)

Breathwork Bali in Indonesia, Bali

 January of 2021

  • Tao of the Body 50h (Carlos Tao) 

Radiantly Alive in Indonesia, Bali

 February of 2022

  • Return to the Senses (Carlos Tao) 

Radiantly Alive in Indonesia, Bali

 June of 2022

  • Deeper Body 200h (Carlos Tao) 

Radiantly Alive in Indonesia, Bali

 August of 2022 & March of 2023

  • fluidUs YTT 300h (Carlos Tao) 

Radiantly Alive in Indonesia, Bali

 January & February of 2024

  • Movement (Guillaume Leport)

Movement Bali, Indonesia, Bali​


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