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What is fluidUs?

fluidUs is a system of movement and touch that is rooted in the inherent wisdom of the living anatomy and psychology of the body.

What does this mean? It means you have a knowledge in you to understand and conceptualize the intelligence of your form. It's not about getting into specific shapes in a specific way. It's about learning to be guided by your intuition, by the sensations within your body, by your breath. fluidUs teaches you to tap into this inner awareness.

Why is this important? This allows you to maximize a sense of stability, fluidity, wellbeing, and safety even in difficult shapes and patterns. By not focusing on the pose itself but rather on your body's unique experience of it, you increase the chance of profound and transformative experiences and the discovery of the self during your practice.

fluidUs allows for an ever growing and evolving practice that will be available for a lifetime.

fluidUs is influenced and informed by the research and study of neurology, fascia, lymphatic and vascular fluid flow, psychology, embryology, evolutionary biology, physics, human development, evolution of consciousness, cognitive science, mythology and philosophy. All that to say, it's been created with you in mind.



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